At People Wealth Matters our clients invest in:
– Stocks
– Bonds
– Mutual Funds
– Alternative Investments
…or a combination of the above

All these investments involve risk but they also connote the idea that safety of principal is important. Many people have a portfolio that is a collection of different investments. The purpose of a portfolio is to reduce risk by diversification*. Have you ever wondered what is it that you own in your portfolio and why? How much risk are you taking to achieve desired returns? How do you measure risk to begin with?

At People Wealth Matters we address these questions at the portfolio review or design session. Our process includes:
– Setting objectives as to risk and return of a specific portfolio
– Defining the asset allocation strategy
– Establishing management procedures
– Determining communication procedures

Financial Services

It is our commitment to design your investment strategy based on the following major factors:
– Your ability and your willingness to take risk. (Ability has to do with your resources and circumstances. Willingness has to do with realistic expectations about returns due to current economic environment)
– Your time horizon
– Your tax situation
– Your unique preferences or circumstances

Call us today to schedule an interview where we can discuss your current situation and your financial goals. Your first appointment is complimentary. The future potential advisory engagement is a fee-based service and is subject to negotiation. Any brokerage services are subject to commissions. Any consulting services are subject to a Client Services Agreement and an hourly fee set forth in an Agreement.

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*Diversification is a method used to help reduce Investment Risk. It is not a guarantee against market loss or loss of principal.

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